These are the very best reusable makeup remover pads according to Amazon customers

These are the very best reusable makeup remover pads according to Amazon customers

Whether you spend for life on your makeup removal regular or not, it’s likely to have a huge effect on the world.

Yep, it’s time to ‘fess up as well as confess we have a fascination with solitary usage, landfill-filling toiletries from wipes to cotton pads. But listen up, there are choices that work just as well as their less eco-friendly counterparts.

Presenting Reusable Make up Remover Pads; reusable and cleanable bamboo cotton pads available from Amazon that are quick, easy to use and most importantly planet friendly, since they can be used over and over once again.

Reusable, zero-waste makeup remover pads are not a new, or secret concept as they’re currently the top best seller in face makeup eliminators on Amazon, with a celebrity ranking of 4.5 out of 5.

One shopper said:

I don’t think I’ve ever left a review, but I had to with these. I’ve been looking into more eco friendly beauty alternatives to do my bit in reducing landfill waste, and this was a great place to start.

You receive 18 good sized cotton pads in a really handy storage box, with a mesh bag that can be used to throw the pads into the washing machine.

The pads are soft to touch, durable and easy to clean.

I’ll definitely be looking into some other products on offer by Eco Panda.

Sophie Goodall

Another added:

Great product. Easy and hygienic and comes with a bag to pop them in the washing machine. I use them to remove makeup (eye make up remover, miccelar water). I also use them for various types of toner. Additionally, I find they wash well! Great product, great service! Arrived quickly and on time. Beautiful packaged. I LOVE IT 🙂


The reusable makeup remover pads are a simple way to exchange out your cotton pads and also come to be more ecologically aware.

They’re a little larger than your conventional cotton cleaning pads, so you can get your entire face made with one. Plus they can be utilized with any kind of makeup eliminator or micellar water of your finding.

After they are soiled up, you just pop them into the mesh bag given (so they do not go missing in the abyss of the cleaning machine drum) and also throw them in the wash with your towels to obtain them clean.

Made of premium special bamboo fabric they’re likewise gentler on the skin and unlike numerous cotton pads are not full of chemicals that are not just negative for your skin, yet will at some point filter right into the sea, rivers and also dirt when the disposed of. Even better, cleaning your face and removing your conscience has never been cheaper or easier, as they’re available on Amazon Prime and also cost just ₤ 21.90 for 18 bamboo makeup remover pads with bamboo storage jar, in comparison to an average pack of non reusable, single-use cotton pads from your neighborhood beauty seller that cost ₤ 2.69.

According to the brand ‘one organic makeup remover pads can be consumed to 1000 times.’

Need we state extra?


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