About The Website 1

My name is Kate and also I am the main writer behind Mailes ZeroWaste. I started this blog to share my experiences transitioning to a much more sustainable way of living. I wish my concepts and recommendations can inspire you to be much more aware of your daily activities and choices, and also much better comprehend exactly how they impact our planet.

If this is something that you want, I would certainly like to have you join our neighborhood, register for the newsletter, and also attach by means of social.

What It Means to Live Sustainably

Living sustainably or “no waste” is certainly not black as well as white.

There is no “line in the sand” where you’re either “absolutely no waste” or you’re not. It’s a spectrum as well as YOUR progress can just be measured versus where YOU were before.

You can not compare yourself to what others are doing because everybody remains in an one-of-a-kind scenario. We are all going thru various life circumstances, staying in various locations, concentrating on different angles of impact, and having access to various resources.

Our Goals

It’s not regarding “refuting” yourself anything deemed a “non-necessity”. It’s about making a lot more thoughtful selections.

The underlying objective of this web site is to recommend pragmatic modifications and smart alternatives you can make to reduce your environmental effect.

… As well as doing so in a way that’s environment-friendly, minimalist, and posh.