Image Result For Tongue

Image Result For Tongue

  • Tongue Wikipedia

    The tongue is a muscular organ in the mouth of most vertebrates that manipulates food for mastication, and is used in the act of swallowing.It is of importance in the digestive system and is the primary organ of taste in the gustatory system..

  • The Tongue Human Anatomy Picture Function

    WebMD’s Tongue Anatomy Page provides a detailed picture and definition of the tongue as well as an overview of its function and location in the body. Also learn about conditions, test, and procedures that may affect the tongue..

  • Tongue Problems Sores Discoloration And Tongue

    WebMD examines common tongue problems such as soreness, discoloration, and bumps on the tongue..

  • Tongue Definition Of Tongue By Merriam Webster

    Define tongue a fleshy movable muscular process of the floor of the mouths of most vertebrates that bears sensory end organs tongue in a sentence.

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