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Image Result For Pore

  • Pore Definition Of Pore By Merriam Webster

    Define pore to gaze intently to read or study attentively usually used with over to reflect or meditate steadily pore in a sentence.

  • Pore Define Pore At Dictionary Com

    Pore definition, to read or study with steady attention or application a scholar poring over a rare old m.cript. See more..

  • Pore Wikipedia

    Biology Animal biology and microbiology. Sweat pore, an anatomical structure of the skin of humans and other mammals used for secretion of sweat Cpore, an anatomical structure that is part of the lateral line sense system of some aquatic organisms.

  • Pore Definition Of Pore By The Free Dictionary

    Define pore. pore synonyms, pore pronunciation, pore translation, English dictionary definition of pore. intr.v. pored , por ing , pores . To read, study, or examine something carefully and attentively pored over the documents in search of evidence..

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