• Gloss Definition Of Gloss By Merriam Webster

    Define gloss a surface luster or brightness shine a deceptively attractive appearance gloss in a sentence.

  • Gloss Define Gloss At Dictionary Com

    Gloss definition, a superficial luster or shine glaze the gloss of satin. See more..

  • Gloss Definition Of Gloss By The Free Dictionary

    Define gloss. gloss synonyms, gloss pronunciation, gloss translation, English dictionary definition of gloss. n. . A surface shininess or luster. . A kind of paint that dries to a shiny finish..

  • Gloss Salon And Day Spa

    About Us . Gloss Salon Day Spa can be described simply as “the essence of what total overall beauty is all about”. By considering all aspects of the individual rather than just the hair, nails, skin or body, we develop an overall approach to the individual’s total fashion and beauty..

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