Question Regarding Kissing And Oral Herpes

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  • Alternatives In Intimacy Herpes Org

    By Dr. H, Medical Director and Sally G, M.S.W. Intimacy for People with Herpes. Perhaps the most commonly asked questions that we receive at pertain to how individuals with Herpes can engage inual intimacy with their partner yet avoid transmitting infection..

  • How Does Methamphetamine Use Cause Painful Mouth

    First things first, I love your website. I really like the format and especially love getting Alice in my e mail box! My question is regarding smoking ice methamphetamine . Sometimes, but not always, after I’ve smoked a lot, I get white sores on my tongue, especially, but all over in my mouth. I .

  • What Is My Risk Of Spreading Herpes Herpes Transmission Risk

    Your risk of transmitting herpes based on the strain, how asymptomatic shedding increases ones risk, and a prior infection with cold sores might help .

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