My Girlfriend Had A Blood Test Done For Hsv She Got Her Results Back And The Doctor Did A Culture Test

  • Low Positives Confirmatory Results Herpes Medhelp

    If you were tested with a type specific herpes igg blood test and had a low positive result for hsv anything under . and sought out confirmatory testing, what were your eventual results?.

  • Distinguishing Between Herpes And Genital Pimples

    Anonymous October , am. I am a year old virgin boy , I do masturbate and today I came back from school and I have this red pimple of the right part of my but I don’t know where it came from I’ve never had and have never been involved inual activity. the pimple itself is hard maybe with puss in it it burns .

  • Testimony Share Healed Of Hsv With God Anything

    Thank you for this post. I really needed to read this. I tested positive for Type . CMV EBV. I know God will heal my body of this, I asked my Dr can I come back and test in a few months, she replied no, it will always be there..

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