I Have Shingles On My Torso I Have A Months Old Baby Can She Contract Chicken Pox From This

  • Shingles Spider Bites

    I am years old and was just told I have Shingles, it is on my back and stomach. My mom has had it for years some time times a year but always on her butt..

  • Top Natural Homeopathic Reme S For Shingles And

    Dear, Dr. Sharma, I have been diagnosed Herpes Zostor inte st week of November and was getting treatment from one of highly qualified Alopathic Doctor, although my rashes have almost disappeared but still I’m having terrible irritable itching, burning sensation with pain, I’s almost more than two months now and I’m not getting any .

  • Ask The Doctor Why Have My Fingers Curled Up Into A Claw

    Dr Martin Scurr has been treating patients for more than years. Here he gives advice on dealing with Dupuytren’s disease and abnormal smear tests..

  • Ask The Doctor Ive Beaten Shingles So Why Am I Still

    The rash can occur anywhere on the body, although most commonly on the chest or abdomen in line with the fact that in chicken pox, the .

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