I Have Been Diagnosed With Herpes Just Recently But My Bf Still Wants To Have Sex Isnt This A Bit Strange

  • Testimony Share Completely Healed Of Genital Herpes

    I will pray for you, Debra. I have had an off and on relationship w God throughout my life. The last time I didn’t have God I made a foolish act and contracted genital herpes..

  • Health Yahoo Lifestyle

    When will tampon users stop shaming pad users? For far too long, people who use menstrual pads have been doubly stigmatized first for their periods, and second, for their feminine hygiene product of choice..

  • Survey Inquiry Results On Morgellons Disease

    My arms were covered w horrid sores, most are now healed but still have white patches, hair badly infested and falling out, low energy, poor concentration, cyclic pain stiff joints..

  • Symptoms Of Endometriosis Endo Empowered

    I have been dealing with these symptoms for years. Since I was , I’m now . I have excruciating cramps, diarrhea for the first days, severe back pain, and sciatica down my .

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