Can Shingles Cause Back Pain

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  • What Can Help My Long Term Shingles Pain Cnn Com

    I have been suffering from PHN post herpetic neuralgia for the past five years. I have tried every possible cure to no avail. Can you give me some info as to what to do, as it is too late for the vaccination..

  • Shingles Pain Can Linger Long After Rash Disappears

    Dear Doctor I’m a year old woman who developed shingles in December . The rash settled in the nerves on my left side, from under the breast, to the waist and around the middle of my back. Is there anything I can take to ease the pain? Would the vaccine help? Dear Reader Shingles is a .

  • Shingles Herpes Zoster How You Get It Causes

    You can think of shingles as the one two punch of infections. Anyone who ever gets it had a case of the chickenpox first, often many decades earlier..

  • Shingles Back Neck Medhelp

    Shingles is actually a viral infection of the nerve roots and is related to the virus that causes chicken pox. It can cause significant pain, but is treatable and most people who recover from shingles never experience another outbreak..

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