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    Jeane asks A friend told me Chickenpox is a form of Herpes. Is this true? Yes Jeane, Chickenpox is one form of a Herpes Virus. Most of us are familiar with the ually transmitted types of Herpes Type oral herpes and type genital herpes . But actually, there are over known viruses .

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    After a chickenpox infection, the virus remains dormant in the body’s nerve tissues. The immune system keeps the virus at bay, but later in life, usually in an adult, it can be reactivated and cause a different form of the viral infection called shingles also known as herpes .

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    Causes of Chicken Pox. The virus varicella zoster is the cause of chickenpox. Also known as herpes virus , the disease is highly contagious and spreads through contact with the infected person, either directly via touch, or indirectly through clothing that has been in contact with the infected areas..

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